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campus_pix's Journal

Campus Pix
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Welcome to Campus Pix

A community for posting pictures of college and university campuses.


The whole idea of this community is pretty self explanitory- these are pictures of college campuses. Although I started this so I could post my own pictures to compliment my reviews in campusreviews anyone can add their own pictures. Not everyone can get out to visit every campus, so thats why reviews and pictures are so helpful. Many of the pictures featured on the websites of colleges are beautiful- the highlights of the campuses. These sites are created to draw you in, but don't really give you a good feeling of the real campus. My biggest fear was ending up at an ugly, hard to get around college because I had seen one beautiful picture. The point of this community is to give you a better sense of the campus. I highly recommend you check to see if a college pictured here as a review at campusreviews.

1. Posting access is open to anyone, members or non.
2. Please make sure you have a reliable host for your pictures (everyone hates those little red x'es.)
3. All pictures should be placed behind an lj-cut.
4. If you can, please provide information on what is what in the pictures. At the very least please include the name of the college and if that college has multiple campuses, which campus the pictures are from.
5. If someone is posting their pictures up here, they're sharing them with you, do not take them and claim them as your own. They're for your noncommercial and informational use only.
6. That said, if you are posting pictures, please be aware that you are giving permission for these pictures to be used, saved, and printed, and credit may not always be given.
7. Be careful when posting pictures of yourself at colleges- security and safety are always important. Don't feel pressured to do so unless you feel comfortable.

The owner of this community is biblioholism if there is an issue, please address it to me, don't harass other members of the community. Thank you.

Good luck with your virtual college visiting...
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